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Why is one of the requirements not being on government assistance what does that have to do with surrogacy? it just seems odd. I am currently on WIC and my son has medicaid? Does this disqualify me?

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from what I have read that when you are receiving ANY kind of Government assistance you need to report ANY income that you receive from all sources, and if you receive funds through surrogacy then you may actually lose your Government benefits completely and not be able to reclaim them once the surrogacy is over.


another issue is that the if it is known to be a surrogate pregnancy, Medicaid is not supposed to pay for the medical expenses.  if it is found out later that they did, and you didn't report it as a surrogacy pregnancy (tried to do it "quietly") it is actually considered fraud, and trust don't want to try and Fraud the government. 


So because of this Agencies will just exclude anyone on Government assistance in order to avoid any potential issues.


This link isn't really the best written article but it covers the basics to answer your question.

thanks that really helps

does this only apply if you go through an agency? what if you are doing the surrogacy independently? I'm currently on assistance and looking for IP's, am I just going to hit a dead end?
Generally IPs want to work with surrogates who are finanacially stable and are not doing surrogacy as an income, therefore I do not know any IPs whO would work with a surrogate who is on public assistance.

Surrogates need to live in a stable environment to foster a healthy pregancy. Not being able to afford insurance doesnt make you a bad surrogate and doesnt disqualify you from becoming a surrogate mother. Recieving a welfare check or EBT does. Mostly because of the fraud issue and Ips want to make sure their surrogate isnt living in an unstable situation full of stress and uncertainty.


Not to start anything, but being a surrogate is a personal choice that any woman can decide to do IF she isn't already depending on taxpayers dollars to pay her bills. It is completely unethical and wrong (in my opinion) for a woman to be making money off of a pregnancy that everybody else has to pay for. And even if you try going independently and "keeping it quiet", you have no way to be sure that it won't get back to the State over the course of the pregnancy/delivery. I would report it in a heartbeat if I found out someone I know or "know of" was doing that. I at very least hope that any potential surro would be honest and report this income and then let the chips fall where they may.    

No offense but you can't "help" one family while ripping everybody else off.

O my goodness, that was not my intent by any means. Truth be told, after my first son passed away a couple of years ago I needed time away from work. When I was ready to return, the recession hit and there were no jobs. My son and I currently live with my parents in a stable, loving environment while  I try to find work. Being a surrogate has always been a strong desire of mine that has absolutely nothing to do with money. I just happen to be on government assistance at this time and hopefully for not much longer. Just thought I would clear that up, not everyone on government assistance is lazy and just after money. Thank you ladies for the help!
Ok I just have to say something cause this is rediculous. I am a single mother to four children. I have medical and food stamps thru my state because my LAZY NO GOOD EXHUSBAND DOESNT PAY CHILD SUPPORT. And yes I have a court order and the systerm is horrible. I work, go to college, have my own house and support my children 100% in every way. I also have a VERY supportive family and lots of friends who support my decision to be a surrogate 100%. Yes if you receive income OF ANY KIND when on assistance you have to report it. Money for expenses such as gas, clothes, food, and any bills associated with the surro DO NOT have to be reported. Yes if you exceed the income allowed for the assistance you are on you might lose that assistance during the surro. But once you are not receiving those funds anymore you can re-apply and should be able to get them back. You can be on Medical assistance and be a surro HOWEVER your IP's have to get Insurance to cover ALL medial bills associated with the surrogacy. If ANY bill relating to the surro is paid by your medical assistance then yes it is fraud. Also you do not have to drop your medicl assistance. Your medical is for you and the insurance the IP's get covers the surro NOT your everyday doc and dentist etc. Some IP's prefer you drop your medical and they cover all your medical bills but if that is the case make sure its in your contract and signed before you drop your medical. Once the surro is over and your IP's drop the insurance you can pick your medical back up. I live in Maryland and other states may have different rules or laws regarding what they do and do not allow. I checked with my local government department and had my case worker check everything out for me BEFORE I started my journey just to make sure I didnt break any laws. If you commit fraud you can be barred from ever getting ANY state or even federal assistance of any kind ever again. MY IP's are amazing people who didnt just turn me away because I have help for my children. They took the time to hear my story and completely understand why I have the assistances that I do. If it is meant to be it will happen. I suggest you contact your case worker and find out what is ok in your state before starting your journey. Good luck!!!
Thank you so much, thats the informative response that I was looking for! My ex doesn't help either and never has. I have soul custody of our son and a child support enforcement order, but still no help. My desire in surrogacy is something that I have wanted for a very long time and was very offended by Andrea's comment about my "trying to make money while other taypayers pay my bills"! Thats presuming alot from not knowing the situation. The info you gave was very helpful and just what I needed! Thank you again

Having your pregnancy & bills paid for you while you pocket the surro compensation is NOT the same thing as golfing & "business expenses". I don't know what your talking about and I don't think you do either.


My guess is that would be ok, the big issue is someone on assistance making a profit off of a pregnancy that taxpayers are paying for.


I didn't mean to upset or offend you. My comment was in regards to the idea of people scamming the system. I understand the awful circumstances in which you & Kimberly were left in. I commend you on wanting to help another family even with all the stress of being a single mother. My beef is with people trying to defraud the system and taxpayers. I don't have a problem as long as the appropriate steps are taken and compensation is reported. I agree w/the rest of the responses as to why agencies make restrictions and think warning should be considered involving going indy instead so you don't miss an important step/issue and get in trouble. Long story short I wasn't trying to make a blanket statement, I realize every story is different. I just hope that everyone will go by the book and do this legitimately. I think Kimberly has the right idea and is a good example of how to do things the right way.


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